Saturday 19 October 2013

Albania: The Labëria Highlands & Ionian Coast – Day 7

Saturday 28th September – Tirana & Home
After an early breakfast when we said goodbye to our fellow travellers – most of who were leaving on an earlier flight – we had the morning free for our own exploration of Tirana. There’s not much to say except here are some of the photographs.
Ismail Qemali - founder of the modern state of Albania in 1912

Monument commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Albania

Close up of the monument: Gent's ancestor's signature

Old bridge near archaeological dig

Optical illusion? Or does this building get wider as it gets higher?

Skanderbeg: national hero

Skanderbeg and the Ethim Beg mosque

Boris bikes? Or Skanderbeg cycles?

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  1. D'oh. Meant to comment ages ago on this but forgot! It's been very interesting reading about this trip. I must take the time to explore more of Albania next time I'm down that way.