Tuesday 18 June 2013

Review: Peter Storm Energy S/S Crew T-Shirt

Peter Storm Energy S/S Crew T-Shirt

On the face of it, acquiring a good value, hard wearing walking T-Shirt should be a doddle. There are loads to choose from: almost too many, in fact, and with varying degrees of ‘technology’ involved. But if you winnow out those that are too clingy, too ‘athletic’ in fit or made from fabric that snags too easily, the field quickly narrows.

Having extolled the virtues of the more traditionally styled walking shirt elsewhere, the simple T-Shirt still has a useful role in the wardrobe: with its simpler cut and no collar, it can be worn more comfortably as part of a layering system right through the year, so is a versatile piece of clothing.

Anyway, I came across the Energy S/S T on a recent plod round Blacks. Here are some details:

For a fairly low cost item, I found it worked pretty well: comfortable, with a decent fit, (not too clingy) and good wicking properties (it dried very quickly) aided by side and back panels in a more open weave version of the fabric for added ventilation.

The anti-odour properties were a bit lacking – not unexpected from a 100% Polyester fabric – but it did a couple of days at a pinch, and I dare say it could be rinsed and dried easily enough overnight.

At 170g, it’s not the lightest shirt around (I have a Rab Aeon S/S that weighs in at nearly half that weight, and it’s heavier than the Jack Wolfskin Tumbleweed) but it does the job – and it seems well made! It’s styled as much for running as anything else, with reflective slashes on the back, so not so good as an off the hill garment if you’re in polite company, but is no worse than many other equivalents.

Again, I had occasion to wear it for lengthy periods under a rucksack, and – so far – it has stood up to the rigours without snagging or pulling beneath straps or buckles, something which I think is aided by the relatively tight weave and not-so-obviously waffled texture of the fabric used in the majority of the panels.

It was also comfortable as a baselayer when rain or cool dictated additional layers on top, and I really liked the fact that the neck wasn’t too tight.

RRP is £15, but as Peter Storm products are mostly sold through the Blacks/Millets group, members of various organizations (eg: YHA) can get discounts off that. So it’s quite good value, too.

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