Wednesday 4 January 2012

First Footing

After a few days off, it’s nice to finally have the time to sit down again and write this, my first post of the year. 2011 ended well enough; a few days in Dentdale, away from the hurley-burley of Christmas and in the company of friends, capped by a 14.5 mile there-and-back walk in the wind and rain along the dale to Sedbergh – which was oddly enjoyable despite being soaked through by the end. The New Year was seen in to the accompaniment of several glasses of red wine and the strains of Bad Company and Van Der Graaf Generator. Would you believe it?

So here we are in 2012. For us this is usually a time for looking ahead, for making plans, for booking trips and inking things into the diary. This year, though, will be a little different, and our plans after the first couple of months are a bit more open-ended. Until then we have a few things lined up which are gradually dropping into place, but more on those as they happen.

What has happened already this year is that I awoke this morning to the magnificent sunrise shown above. Somehow it just seemed to encapsulate the feeling of looking forward and kindled a desire to be out there doing stuff. So, suitably inspired, I’ll more than likely be spreading the maps out on the floor again and pondering some new little adventures. We may not get round to doing them straight away, but so what? We can at least dream – and there’s always next year!

So a Happy New Year to everyone, and Happy Trails for 2012. Good luck, and whatever you decide to do I hope you have a fantastic time.


  1. Happy New Year Jules. Who was playing Van Der Graaf Generator? -crikey I haven't heard them in years !

    Robin @ blogpackinglight is a fan of them. I still listen to Bad Co !!

    Hope you get plenty of time in the hills.

  2. @Mark. The VDGG and Bad Co were supplied by the friends we were staying with, both fans of Classic Rock. We chose them as an antidote to the tripe served up on the telly. Robin obviously has good taste!

    When I were a lad ... my best mate was well into VDGG and I developed a bit of a liking for them, too. In fact I still have a CD of Pawn Hearts!

    As for Bad Co - what better soundtrack than that for a bad sing-a-long competition and a disputed Air Guitar championship?

  3. I hope that you pick some good routes from your maps in the year to come.

    I forgive your poor taste in music...........

  4. @James. Thanks for that - yes we hope to discover some good routes. As for the music ... what can I say? Some are blessed with a sophisticated understanding of things aural, and some like VDGG*. As with walking - hard work can lead to greater reward.

    (* Other prog rock bands are available. Trust me, they are .... ;-))

  5. I've your not actually out on the hill, there isn't a finer substitute than spreading out those maps and schemeing.