Friday 16 December 2011

Winter Wonderwhen?

A quick tour of the blogosphere this morning revealed a plethora of posts on the subject of winter in all its diversity, plus one (Northernpies) on planning walks for next summer. Trust MK to be with the zeitgeist. ;-)

There are enough pictures of snowy Peak District landscapes and tales of wintry Pennine tribulations around to set the pulse racing. But, down here in the flatlands, winter seems to have barely begun. This morning’s feeble, sleety snow is the first of the year, and has already disappeared only two coffees into the day. We’ve only really had one frost worth a mention, too.

Now, I’m sure there are plenty of other areas that haven’t been affected yet. And I’m equally sure there will be much more winter to come – we won’t miss out/get away with it*, that’s for certain (* delete as applicable). In fact, tempting providence like this is almost bound to guarantee a complete sod of a winter when it does finally arrive.

But I don’t mind that. True, it can make getting around a bit of a challenge, but there is nothing like a proper winter to fire the imagination when it comes to the great outdoors. In the last couple of years we seem to have been “blessed” with an abundance of winter; snows, even at these low altitudes, having first fallen weeks earlier. At least, if it stays like this, getting around over Christmas will be a bit easier.

Like I said before, I’m sure winter proper will arrive in the fullness of time. But, by way of guaranteeing a bit of snowy fun, we have made arrangements for a short break to a place where the amount of snow should be the least of our worries, unless we are incredibly unlucky, that is – which is a possibility! More on this nearer the time.

Interminable grey, rainy days – like this one here today – drain motivation and sap the spirit. Give me a bright, wintry day, with blue skies and crystal clear air above a brilliant white blanket, like the one above, any day. Like a kid who can’t wait for Christmas day, I want to wake up one morning, feel that excitement, sense the magical expectancy in the air and pull back the curtain to reveal ……



  1. I am very happy for there not to be snow, and it stay that way till 8 Jan. Once I'm out of the country, you can have days n days n inches n inches of the stuff. LOL

  2. @dittzzy. OK, that date's in the diary - 9th January: snow!

    It'll certainly be easier getting about without any, which is a relief really. But I do find the constant gloomy, drizzly days we get instead puts real dampner on the spirits.