Wednesday 22 September 2010

Didn't quite feel like it ...

It’s funny, isn’t it? All Summer it seems like I’ve been really revved-up about walking. With the prospect of long days, plenty of outings and a wonderful two weeks in the Swiss Alps to cap it all, it felt like the excitement would never fade. But last weekend, despite our best intentions, when the time came it seemed we just couldn’t find our usual enthusiasm.

I’m not really sure quite why we both felt that way. Usually, if one of us feels a bit under-motivated, the other will cajole them into going and, more often than not, we end up having a good trip. But this time the malaise appeared to affect both of us equally. In part it may have been that we were feeling a little bit under the weather, although this doesn’t explain it fully.

The thing is, although you imagine you could never want a break from walking, I suspect that is exactly what was needed. After all, most of the time, it seems an age between weekends or holidays and, having just enjoyed a fantastic trip, it is often only the thought of next adventure that keep you going through the week.

In the end, we spent an hour or so on a little local circuit that was really nice in the afternoon sunshine, and at least provided a modicum of exercise in an otherwise sedentary weekend. Hopefully, the break will have done us good and we will be ready for the Autumn delights to come.

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