Tuesday 18 June 2013

Review: Karrimor Tech Checked Shirt S/S

Karrimor Tech Checked S/S Shirt
The Karrimor shirt is a much simpler affair, and the first obvious reflection of that is in the price. Although the RRP is about £35, it can usually be found for quite a bit less with a quick internet search (often in the teens of pounds). At 279g it’s quite a bit heavier than the Tumbleweed (and feels it when you pick it up) yet it is quite comfortable when worn. Manufacturers details are:

The material is a mix of 56% Nylon and 44% Polyester with a checked design and a slight seersucker texture that insects would struggle to bite through. It feels a little less flexible than the material used in the Tumbleweed, but it seems pretty robust and is comfortable to wear. To compensate for the heavier weight, added ventilation is provided by a mesh panel in the yoke and by small holes under the arms: a simple solution, but one that works quite well. To complete the package, there is an extra turn up to the collar to further protect against the sun, and a zipped chest pocket.

The two colours (blue and grey) are a bit more muted than the Jack Wolfskin shirt, which may not be a bad thing, as not everyone wants bright. In use, it resisted creases well, didn’t snag or deform after a full day under a rucksack, wicked moisture reasonably well, and proved neat and smelled sweet after a couple of days and nights on the trail.

More seasoned walkers may well go starry-eyed at the memory of the Karrimor of old, whilst the younger generation wonders what all the fuss is about. Without doubt, the brand does not represent the quality it once used to, but this is a fair effort at the price you will likely pay for it (please, don’t pay the RRP!). Although clearly not as sophisticated as the Tumbleweed in terms of performance or build, the Tech Checked shirt is a good option and worth a look if you are looking for a traditionally styled shirt on a tight budget.

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