Tuesday 18 June 2013

Review: Jack Wolfskin Tumbleweed S/S Shirt

Jack Wolfskin Tumbleweed S/S Shirt

First off is the Jack Wolfskin Tumbleweed, a very lightweight (162g) traditionally styled short sleeve shirt made from 100% polyester. Manufacturer details are:

The fabric is light but tough, and can definitely handle bring worn all day under a rucksack with ease. The material wicks well, dries quickly and, although it has no stretch, the shirt very comfortable to wear (even under a jacket, not always the case with a collared shirt).

Creases are few and far between, but those there are drop out easily, and the whole thing is smart enough to wear for dinner in the evening even if recently pulled out of a pack. It will even do a couple of nights in the pub then a couple of days on the trail with out smelling too badly as well. And, should you need it to, it will wash and dry overnight, and requires no ironing.

As an added bonus, the weave of the material is quite tight which means it snags less easily, absorbs less moisture (so reducing the possibility of over-cooling), affords some protection against the sun and keeps biting insects at bay. It also comes in a wide range of colours, too.

RRP is £40, which is not a bad price at all compared to similar quality (and in many cases, more expensive) garments from other manufacturers, and I managed to get a bit of discount without too much trouble, so even better value.

All in all the Tumbleweed is quite an impressive piece of kit, and well worth a look if you are considering a shirt of this type.

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