Wednesday 31 July 2013

Bunch Of Flowers

We have just returned from our latest jaunt, a trip that has provided us with many remarkable memories. And one of the most remarkable was the sheer variety of flowers encountered along the way.

When it comes to identification, I’m certainly no botanical expert (hence the lack of names in most cases) but I always enjoy all the wildlife we see – flora as well as fauna – and, in this instance, the quantities were phenomenal – testament, in no small part, to the lack of pesticides used in local farming methods.

With the exception of the last picture (the Edelweiss) all these photographs were taken on a single walk. For every species pictured, there were at least three or four other species not photographed – such was the profusion encountered. And those were just the ones I could vaguely discern from one another.

That’s one of the rewards of travel: the possibility to encounter something unexpectedly special.

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