Saturday 13 April 2013

Gear Update: Uniqlo Heattech T Shirt & Long Johns

As winter finally seems to be slipping away, and it’s icy grip on the nation relenting, it’s time, at last, to turn to warmer thoughts of spring and summer. But before we consign this bout of intemperate weather to the history books, I thought I’d do a quick update on a couple of products that can, hopefully, be hidden away for the next few months.

The first is the Uniqlo Heattech T Shirt & Long Johns, originally reviewed back in February last year.

I had no idea at the time that thermal baselayers such as these would prove essential for a British winter, but they’ve come in handy on several occasions over this long, cold spell, both for walking and when out and about.

Having had a further twelve months in which to consider their merits, I am still happy with my initial conclusions (originally scored at 30/30). They are durable, well-fitting, lightweight, comfortable and warm, and definitely prove resistent to pongs for several days in a row, even when working hard. And, despite the fact they have now been washed several times, there has been no discernable reduction in any aspect of performance.

One comment on the original post mentioned that there was a percentage of cotton contained in the fibre used, which conflicted with the information I had sourced. I checked this on the Uniqlo website and found that the Heattech range includes items made from a range of fibre types, some of which contain cotton and some which don’t. These definitely don’t, but care is needed to choose the correct blend.

Here is a link to the relevant part of the Uniqlo website (Mens's):

Stocks are currently low – possibly because we are about to enter the spring/summer season.

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